Incredible Love

So many people I’ve talked to recently speak of feeling “beat up” especially after the holidays. Family time has been scathing and torturous rather than enjoyable. Relationships you thought you could count on have turned on you and left you feeling betrayed. The days you looked forward to because of what they are “supposed to…


Today, I will rise and call on Jesus. Today, I will not fear what lies ahead. Not because I’m strong and mighty, But because I trust the One who is. Today, I will look for His joy, Whether circumstances seem “good” or “bad”. Today, I will seek His voice Reminding me of His faithfulness throughout….

The Lie of Performance

My son is in kindergarten and he is just starting to experience the love/hate relationship with learning. He puts so much pressure on himself to get his schoolwork right, and yesterday broke down crying because he couldn’t remember how to spell a word. I talked to him for a while about giving himself a break…