The Waiting

God is faithful, through whom you were called into fellowship with His Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.

1 Corinthian 1:9

I was thinking at Easter about the days between the cross and the resurrection and the excruciating nature of waiting. The people with Jesus had heard the promise (whether or not they believed it or understood it completely) and they had to sit in complete discouragement for three days. They watched the man they had followed, forsaking all else, die on a cross and be buried. They were grieving and at a loss for what to do next. Their lives seemed a waste and they reeked hopelessness and discouragement. The promise came, but not immediately. How often have you been stuck waiting, wondering at the plan of God and His apparent silence? A counselee recently talked to me about “spinning his wheels” and not being able to get any traction. In the waiting, you aren’t going anywhere and you might feel quite stuck. You can look around at your life and decide that you would rather run away than sit and wait anymore. The doubts start to creep in, with Satan being first in line to ask “Did God really say…” and you wonder if you even should believe in a God you can’t see. The emotions of feeling deserted and abandoned are prevalent, and the days become gray with no color. This is the dark room Mike speaks of, the place where we are placed in an acid bath after waiting in darkness with no sense of Jesus being there anymore. The waiting requires faith in a very big God, who never lies and never forsakes us. The waiting is the place where I choose to believe, even when much contradicts belief. And when the promise comes, even if years down the road, I will know Jesus in a way I never would have without the waiting. If you are waiting today, hold on. He will keep His promise.

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