When the pain seems to suffocate you and leave you no place to breathe, He is there.

When the agony of loss quiets your voice and tempers everything with darkness, He is there.

When things seem to make no sense and keep spiraling out of control, He is there.

When the mundane life things echo with accusations of failure and ordinary, He is there.

When every piece of news received gives no hope of change or relenting, He is there.

When the shattered pieces of your being feel as if they will never be brought together, He is there.

He holds you quietly as you weep, gently as you mourn. He covers you with His peace, unexplainable by the surroundings or circumstances. He is tender with your aching heart, allowing your doubt, frustration and despair. He brings you back to Him time and again, knowing that in the end, you will know Him and that is worth all of it. It is worth the time in the depths of hell to know the Life of the One who conquers it, for it has no power here. He loves us into hope as we look into His eyes and know that our Father will care for us, even if we don’t like the way that looks at the time. Surrounded by His love, we enter a new place where we don’t find understanding or answers, but just Him. And that, my friend, is enough.

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