As most of you know, we are expecting our first baby in June 2011. Although my pregnancy has not been bad at all, there is a certain amount of impatience that seems to develop as we wait for the baby to be born. I love to feel him kick and wonder what he will look like, but I’d really like to just have him out and be able to hold him and watch him grow. I think revelation is like this. It takes a while for the Lord to birth revelation in us. Sometimes we are in a rush for it, but that doesn’t change His timing. He knows how long it will take for us to be in the perfect place to receive the revelation and to grow deeper in our relationship with Him. He also knows exactly when we will need it, and will not run ahead as we are so apt to do. I see it so often in counseling that a person will be ready for the deeper revelation and want to see it in their lives, but there is nothing that either of us can do to speed that process along. Sometimes, we take a break to wait to see when the Lord will bring it, as we will just be spinning our wheels in the counseling room until that time. They are so eager and ready for it, but it isn’t His time. This can be incredibly frustrating, as people struggle to get revelation that will change their lives. They want the deep understanding of something and the deeper relationship with Jesus. As much as being willing to receive it is important, we do not know His timing. We make ourselves available to what He is going to show us and then we wait. He grows it inside of us, and we may feel twinges of it developing in our hearts. Then there is a labor, often a trial in our lives that brings that revelation to reality in us and allows it to pour out of us to change our lives. The Lord is constantly working on a revelation in us, but we must wait the time He has allotted in order for it to be real for us. The choice, then, is how we spend the time as we wait. I can stress and moan about my child developing in my womb, or I can trust that the Lord will bring it all to pass as it should. In the same way, we can worry and stress about gaining greater knowledge of Himself, or we can trust Him with the revelation of Himself that He has for this time.

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