Good Gifts

Last night as I was wrapping gifts for my kids, I realized how excited I was for them to open some of the particular presents I had found them that I knew they would enjoy. I tell my son all the time about how giving can be more fun than receiving (not sure he believes me yet!) and I really mean it. But I realized that I was struggling not with my desire to give but with my Heavenly Father’s gifts or lack thereof. So many people I talk to are really bummed about their finances, or marriage, or singleness, or lack of family, or place they live. We want all the gifts now and we want them the way we desire.

I was struck by the verse “If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give what is good to those who ask Him!” (Matthew 7:11) I thought about how God is waiting with anticipation and excitement to give some things just like I am. He might not give them in the time we want—my kids want to open presents every minute of every day until Christmas, but they aren’t allowed until it’s time. He might not give the exact gifts I thought I wanted either. My son would love some of those $500 Lego sets but that isn’t going to happen. No matter how much he desires it, that is not something that would be good for him or our budget.

But here’s the thing, even if the kids may not get the gifts in the time they want or the exact gift they think they want, I am excited to give to them. And they will love them, maybe even more because they had to wait a little while. I love them so much and want to give them whatever I can, but know it’s best for them if they have to wait a little while and don’t get every little thing they desire.

Jesus knows my heart and He knows what I desire. He knows the things I worry about not having, and the ways I compare myself to others who have. He also knows what I need better than I do. And He is excited to give good gifts to His children. This may not look exactly like I wanted it, and I may have to wait a bit, but He is not absent or disconnected in this.

So, on Christmas morning and every day, I have to take the things I want so much and give that desire to God, waiting on Him to provide when and if He thinks it best. And in this, I come back to His incredible love that isn’t defined by whether or not He has given me what I want. He has given Himself and has been broken for me, and continues to give Himself to me every day. So, instead of focusing on all the things I would love to have this Christmas and allow worry to drown out the joy of the day, I am going to choose to remember His incredible gifts. I will remember His amazing love, and allow that love to be poured out on those around me. Won’t you join me?

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