When You Feel Stuck

When you feel stuck–like nothing is changing, and your work produces no noticeable harvest.
When the prayers seem to go unanswered, and the tears of frustration fall.
When all around seems to be moving, but you have no traction or hope.

Remember this.

You are not stuck.
You are not stagnant.
God is working even when you can’t see it.
It is not your job to save anyone, to heal anyone or to raise anyone.
You aren’t enough to do any of that.
It IS your job to keep going back to Jesus who will be enough for salvation, for healing and for raising a generation.
You can’t look at what you think you’ve done or haven’t done to define yourself.
Your performance does not dictate your love and acceptance.
You are so loved and accepted already. Period. Nothing you do or don’t do can change that.
Your success is defined differently by God than by the world.
Success to God is relationship with Him, in everything.

So, live today with eyes on Him.
Look for Him in the midst of the storm.
Hear His voice of kindness and peace even when the battle rages.
Weary one, lay your head down and rest in Him.
Don’t lose heart, for He alone is your hope, your peace and your strength.
Press on, not because you are particularly strong, but because you are particularly weak and need Him for each moment.
And in Him, you can do the impossible.




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