December 2017


Today, I will rise and call on Jesus. Today, I will not fear what lies ahead. Not because I’m strong and mighty, But because I trust the One who is. Today, I will look for His joy, Whether circumstances seem “good” or “bad”. Today, I will seek His voice Reminding me of His faithfulness throughout….

When Christmas Hurts

Christmas time is here! For me, Christmas is a beautiful time of year to refocus and worship the King of Kings. It does not for one second mean that this time is without turmoil, conflict, frustration and sadness. It’s interesting to me that throughout the Bible, God comes for those who are weak, unqualified and…

Love Wins, by Scott

Overnight my world had changed, I woke up with nerve pain in my hands, arms, feet and legs, it was burning and stinging all over; just the day before I was fine. Soon, I had fatigue, dizziness, headaches, muscle weakness and my tendons became loose and painful. Each day was worse than the next, I…