Today, I will rise and call on Jesus.
Today, I will not fear what lies ahead.
Not because I’m strong and mighty,
But because I trust the One who is.

Today, I will look for His joy,
Whether circumstances seem “good” or “bad”.
Today, I will seek His voice
Reminding me of His faithfulness throughout.

Today, I fall on my knees in gratitude,
Achingly aware of His unfathomable love,
Pursuing me to any place at any time,
Reaching through my dirty rags and pulling me close.

Today, I choose to see His good
Through ups and downs and everydays.
Today, I hope for deeper relationship with Him
Knowing that the pain is often the catalyst of that depth.

Today, I trust His Life and energy
Will be enough because I lack what I need.
In His Life alone can I do all things,
And recognize that nothing is impossible in Him.

Today, I lay down and rest,
Not knowing what is ahead or what it will ask of me,
But seeing that no cost is too great or more than He has given,
To know deeply my Loving Father.



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