All of us are broken in some way. This ministry is for those who feel broken and can’t see a way out. The people who struggle to find any hope and can’t imagine that God could love them in the mist of their suffering, whether brought on by someone else or by themselves. My calling is to step into the mess with you and help to clear the clutter that clouds your heart. In the midst of the mess, it is very hard sometimes to see Jesus. When we can clear away some of the junk that surrounds, we can find our focus on Jesus, the One who calls us out of our hellish todays and into a glimpse of His love that pours out in us. With Him in focus, we are able to meet the hard of today, the regret of the past and the fear of tomorrow and not be undone.


My name is Hannah Morrell. Although I have a Master’s degree in Counseling Ministries and 15+ years of counseling, I am in no way a perfect person who stands with all the answers. I have my own struggles that push me back to Jesus as well. If you doubt that, ask me. I’ll tell you all about my issues! But these issues don’t define me. I am not an unloved, unwanted, failure who screws everything up (although some days I feel that way). I am a beloved daughter of the Most High God–so loved that He pursued me to death and resurrection. That’s some crazy love. As I live as someone who is loved (rather than living while trying to earn love) I am able to do and be things I never dreamed. I can love my enemy, forgive those who have hurt me, and walk confidently forward not because I’m super special or super spiritual, but because I have a Life in Jesus. This Life allows me to do the impossible and to let go of all my identity issues. These identity issues lead me to believe the way I’m coping with life is the only way. That’s not true! I am broken and my flesh is broken, but in Jesus, I am whole and have a future. We are the broken and hopeful.