This ministry is supported by donations from those God has called to help with this work. The support donated by people like you provides pastoral counseling to many who would otherwise not be able to afford it, supports the website and blog, and enables giving to others who are doing similar ministry around the world. If you’d like to contribute either on a one-time or recurring basis, please do so here. Recurring donations will be processed once a month. All donations are tax deductible and you will receive a receipt for taxes. Thank you!!

Here are a couple of specific scholarship funds available if you’d like to contribute directly to support certain people groups:

Victims of Sex Trafficking

I am partnering with a nonprofit who works with this often-traumatized population. My hope is to be able to emotionally and spiritually support those who are coming out of that life as the other organization helps them practically transition. The wounds are deep and many have a hard time moving forward. If you would like to designate a donation to help a victim of sex trafficking get support and counseling to move forward, please donate here.

Teen Moms/Single Moms

These ladies often have many hurts to work through and no help doing it.  Some are battling through divorce, abandonment, life decisions and the hard season of raising little ones alone. One of the beauties of doing internet counseling is the ability to help many moms with young children who find it hard to get away during the day. They would need to find childcare, transportation, etc, and so being able to Skype or Facetime during a nap or after the kids go to bed is ideal. Many of these moms are in a position of financial struggle and cannot contribute much at all for their counseling.  I’m also partnering organizations that work with the teenage mothers, helping with the physical resources needed. I can come alongside to help them work through the emotional and spiritual side of things. If you’d like to help one of these moms get solid counseling that will encourage her on her road to a healthy life for herself and her kids, please contribute to this fund by clicking here.

People in Ministry

Many of those in ministry are operating on a constant outflow of energy with little compensation or recharge of their own batteries.  They need to be supported and allowed to process some of the people-helping they are doing.  If you’d like to help support those in ministry to come for pastoral counseling, please select donate here.



I have been thanking God over and over for those who have supported the ministry financially this year. You have truly made this possible. Here’s a little report on what your donations have achieved this year through Broken & Hopeful:

  • Hundreds of hours of donation-based counseling to those in need (including people in ministry, single/teen moms, sexual trafficking victims and others with limited resources). This means that most of them donated very little or nothing at all in the span of their counseling, so your support made it possible to encourage and bring hope to many in really tough circumstances. This was often done by Skype, Facetime or phone which allows me to rent an office hourly whenever I need it and keep overhead low rather than being tied into a monthly lease payment.
  • Production and release of a new book, Identity: Truth vs. Lie; Short, Simple Reminders of Who You Are in Christ. The purpose behind this book was to bring short encouragements to those who struggle to believe their true identity in Christ and live out of it. I find we often have to be told the truth repeatedly before we believe it.
  • Participation in a women’s retreat where I was able to help with the technology piece of things and do some counseling.

In 2018, these are the goals for the ministry:

  • Continue the hours of counseling with many in need through donation-based counseling.
  • Production and release of a video series that will help people who wish to personalize some of the counseling I do in their own time and space. This video series will come with a workbook and allow people to walk through several pieces of what I would work with people on in discipleship and pastoral counseling. My hope is that this will expand the work I can do in a limited time and increase the reach of those who might benefit from some of this work with Jesus.

I wanted to include a few little messages of encouragement from the people with whom I worked this year. It’s amazing the things that Jesus does in a person’s life. It’s not me! Jesus Christ loves on these people in a beautiful way through all the suffering and hardship and draws them into a deeper relationship with Himself.

God used Hannah in a special way to point me to the truth of my identity in Him and away from the lies the enemy speaks of who I am not. It has been with a genuine and truthful grace that she helped me establish a foundation to see myself as God sees me. Simple, but life changing! -Nancy

A phrase that you recently said to me is, “I am a cared for, deeply-loved sheep.”
I have never felt good enough so I worked on my outer appearance to feel acceptable. With knee and back problems, I could no longer exercise, even walk much. Of course, I’ve gained weight, but I see that Jesus is orchestrating all this to draw the real me to Himself.  I am beginning to see the real me that is me lovable and kind and sensitive, apart from my outer appearance. I’ve never really gotten to know that real me until now, because I was so I obsessed with fixing the outside.  Jesus is healing me from the inside out. “I am being made whole and holy by His love.” Ephesians 1:4 MSG   -L

God has taken what I thought was the worst thing to happen to me and transformed it into the best thing that could happen for me. I needed the heartache and the sorrow to know His healing, His joy, and His life in ways I never would have thought possible. I praise Him for His goodness! –A

Thank you for your generosity and your response to God’s call to support this ministry. I am grateful and humbled.